Forced Feminization of Males

Forced Feminization of Males


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Free story: Basket Ball Player gets forced feminized by wife

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Article below: How to get forced feminized

One of the biggest fantasies going is forced feminization. And many, many people practise it in real life. What is it about forced feminization that is so attractive?

Well, first of all, forced feminization can be of two rather different types. It can either be by a man for the purposes of gay sex (as sometimes happens in jails - which is usually non-consensual), or it can be by a female dominitrix for the purpose of humiliating her slave so that he submits to her more.

The femdom scenario is always consensual, as the man is always free to walk out the door and escape the situation if he chooses to do so. He may be totally submissive, and therefore unlikely to do this, but he still always has a choice. All non-consensual acts are just plain wrong, as they can cause considerable suffering to the victims.




Quite soon, your submissiveness will have drawn out her dominant side Then you can offer to do more chores around the house, and pamper her. Give her backrubs and massages. Make her pleasure the most important goal in your life.

After a massage, you could orally service her, and bring her to orgasm without intercourse. If you like you can use a dildo as well. Pretty soon, she will expect to you to serve her and pleasure her, and she will probably really quite enjoy this.


The discussion here will be restricted to the consensual femdom scenario.

Well, provided that a man, has a skilled mistress who is able to train him properly, forced feminization can lead to a life of total ecstacy for the lucky man. Why is this so?

One reason is that ejaculations are few and far between, while the level of sexual arousal is kept high, because of the creation and reinforcement of a fetish towards feminization and one's mistress.

Amazingly ecstatic sexual feelings that can last for hours at a time. For this to happen, certain procedures have to be followed. e.g. the man is chaste (i.e. his orgasms are controlled by his dominitrix, and are not allowed more than once or twice a month), and he is humiliated, beaten, and submissive to his mistress.



Then maybe you could have an open and frank discussion about sexuality and fetishes.. Then you could tell her one of your fetishes is to be dominated sexually by a woman, and that this is actually quite normal.

It is actually the most common fetish there is. Tell her you would like her to dominate you. She will probably be quite interested in the idea. Once she has taken the bait, she will take over the feminization process. She just needs to find out the technique to use from sites such as this one.

If she is really not willing, to explore this, you have a choice of forgetting the whole thing, going to see a professional dominatrix, or splitting up with her, and dating domineering women to try and find someone more open to this.


It is all certainly unusual, but actually it is very common behind closed doors. The practitioners are mostly still in the closet, as it is still pretty taboo. Probably it will become more accepted in the next few decades.

Doesn't matter whether you are are naturally submissive, or normally very powerful, most people can be trained if they are open to it. Although of course, it is always easier to train people if they are naturally submissive.



First she has to control your right to orgasm. No more that once or twice a month. You are not allowed to masturbate unless she instructs you to. If you infringe this rule, you must confess it to her, and she should get you a chastity belt, and keep the key herself.


So how do you go about getting yourself forcibly feminized? By definition you need a mistress to do this to you. All you have to do is follow her orders.

So how do you go about getting a mistress? Well if you have a girlfriend or wife, you could try and introduce her to the femdom world.

If you don't have a girlfriend, you could look in the dating and adult personal ads, either for a dominitrix, or otherwise just an outgoing and agressive lady.

You would be very surprised how many of them take to this like a duck to water, and very soon have a total personality change into a very powerful dominitrix who is oozing sexuality and controls you by your fetishes.



She should dress in her most dominating gear (e.g. leather, boots, stockings etc), and call you in. Then she should instruct you to remove your clothes and kneel. Then she should shout at you, and humiliate you, and make you kiss and lick her boots. Then she should take you over her knee and beat you hard. This is an important part of the submission process.

After that she should be soft and loving with you, and maybe stroke your penis while dressing you in female clothes. The idea is to try and create a fetish in you to wear such things.


If you want to introduce her to this, it is often best to do this slowly at first. Just start being submissive around her. Let her take control, and always get her own way. Don't answer back, or argue.  

Then you should so some housework she has assigned you, before she beats you again. Then she can make you kiss and lick her all over, and orally pleasure her till she orgasms.

This process must be repeated frequently - several times a week, or preferably daily for a few weeks. Your feelings of ecstacy will grow stronger each day, as you submit to her will, and start to really enjoy the fetish of wearing women's clothing. Anytime you wear it will be really sexually arousing for you, even if you are just washing up.

After that, you will only be allowed to wear female clothing in the house. This means that you are pretty much aroused all the time, as your mistress has created a powerful fetish for this.



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